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Chemical Plant

Harnessing the Power of Green Technology

At Asterisk Chemicals, we believe in the transformative power of technology to promote sustainable development. We leverage advanced technologies to create aroma ingredients while minimizing our environmental impact.


Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer high-quality products without compromising our respect for nature.

Read below to find out about our proprietary technologies.

Sustainable Technologies

We've adopted several groundbreaking technologies that allow us to operate with high efficiency while reducing waste and energy consumption. These include:

IONIC LIQUID CATALYSIS: At Asterisk, we've pioneered a game-changing chemical manufacturing technology that utilizes an innovative ionic liquid catalyst. This transformative approach dramatically decreases waste, reducing it by an impressive 92%.

By optimizing the catalytic process, we've achieved unprecedented purity levels in our products, delivering superior quality consistently. The earlier dirty technology employed hazardous and corrosive acids which caused charring of the product and huge waste water generation.

By utilizing our breakthrough catalytic system we successfully commercialized our alkylation and methylation plants.

VAPOR PHASE ZERO: We've successfully implemented vapor phase reaction equipment, revolutionizing our production process. This cutting-edge setup leverages the versatility of a generic glass-lined reactor, taking our sustainability practices to new heights. During the 4 years in development we modified the agitator design and rotation pattern and included our modified glass vapor column.
The true marvel of this technology is its ability to reduce solvent usage to an unprecedented zero. By carrying out reactions in the vapor phase, we've eliminated the need for traditional solvents altogether, making our manufacturing process significantly more eco-friendly. We have utilized this technology in our acylation plant, enabling us the manufacture acetates with wastage as less as 2-3% of product quantity.

GREEN SOLVENT: At Asterisk, we've taken a significant step towards a greener future with the introduction of our revolutionary Green Solvent technologies. By replacing harmful traditional solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with modern, environmentally friendly alternatives, we've significantly reduced our ecological footprint.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn't compromise productivity. Our Green Solvent technologies have output equivalent to older technologies.

We have successfully applied this technology in acid-base exchange reactions in several of our products. This major advancement represents a win-win scenario, marking a key milestone in our journey towards greater efficiency and environmental responsibility.

SOLVENT FREE PURIFICATION: Embracing our commitment to sustainable practices, Asterisk has introduced an innovative solventless purification process for solid materials. We perform this operation within a specially engineered, oxygen-free, reduced pressure chamber. The ingenuity of this process lies in its simplicity and efficiency. The solid material is carefully melted under this controlled atmosphere, then it systematically maintained to the triple point of the product. The product in this stage exists in all three phases. The solid phase has the pure product and gas phase has low boiling volatiles. Our specialized equipment extracts this pure phase to give us the pure product.

This method eliminates the need for potentially harmful solvents, significantly reducing our environmental impact. Moreover, the process guarantees an exceptionally pure end product, demonstrating our uncompromising commitment to quality. We have successfully converted more than 50% of our solvent extraction plant to solvent free.

Harnessing Technology for Carbon Reduction

Our Coal-Free Commitment:

At Asterisk, we've made a decisive shift from coal to greener energy. By harnessing agro and wood waste from local industries, we've replaced non-renewable coal with sustainable fuel sources. This transition is a significant stride in reducing our carbon footprint and turning waste into a resource, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.

The project started in 2019, yielded results in 2022. Since 2022, we're 100% coal free.

Water Stewardship and Zero Liquid Discharge:

We believe that responsible water management is crucial to sustainable development. In line with this ethos, we've instituted significant measures to maximize water efficiency in our operations.

Notably, in 2021, we established a dedicated Water Recovery Plant, a testament to our commitment towards conserving this vital resource.

Our sophisticated water recovery system enables us to recycle wastewater from our processes and plant utilities. This closed-loop system significantly reduces our demand for fresh water and ensures that we have no wastewater discharge.

Through these initiatives, we have proudly achieved a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) status. As a ZLD facility, we ensure that no liquid effluent is discharged from our plant, reflecting our unrelenting commitment to the environment. By prioritizing water stewardship, we're creating a ripple effect of positive change, inspiring sustainability, and preserving our planet for future generations.

Harvesting Rain:

At Asterisk, we're transforming rainfall into a valuable asset with our Rainwater Collection Initiative. By harvesting and reusing rainwater in our production processes, we're reducing our dependence on traditional water sources and minimizing our environmental footprint. It's a practical, yet innovative step towards sustainability, proving that every drop truly counts.

Growing Green:

We've set aside one-third of our property for green belt development. This lush expanse doesn't just add beauty; it plays a crucial role in the well-being of our workers and enriches local biodiversity. The greenery provides a tranquil, refreshing environment for our employees, promoting mental well-being and productivity.

Additionally, our green belt has become a haven for birds, creating an eco-friendly habitat that encourages diverse species to thrive. It also helps in soil preservation, preventing erosion and maintaining soil health by improving its structure and nutrient content. We're proud to cultivate a space that not only sustains us but also contributes positively to our ecosystem.

Ongoing Initiatives: Our Shift to Renewable Energy

At Asterisk, we're committed to being part of the solution to global climate change. To demonstrate this commitment, we've embarked on an ambitious initiative to transition 50% of our power consumption to renewable energy sources.

This ongoing endeavor involves a strategic shift to cleaner, sustainable energy options such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. It's a significant stride towards reducing our carbon footprint and embracing energy that aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

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  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 14001:2015

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to advancing sustainability in the aroma ingredients industry. Through our continuous investment in green technology and sustainable practices, we are driving change and setting new standards.

Our commitment doesn't stop at our production process. We work closely with our customers, helping them understand the sustainable journey behind our products. Our goal is to inspire a wider commitment to sustainability, extending beyond our company and into the homes and businesses of our clients.
Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future

At Asterisk Chemicals, we are committed to building a sustainable future, one aroma ingredient at a time. Discover our range of sustainably produced aroma ingredients and join us on this exciting journey.

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